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almost 6 years ago

Missed office hours? Here's the recording

Hey Bluemixathoners,

If you had a stacked day yesterday and missed office hours with IBM CTO Cloud Architecture Kyle Brown, no worries! We recorded it for you. 

Here's a snapshot of what we covered:

  • keeping in mind your intended user when designing your disaster aid solution
  • Bluemix database, analytics, visualization, and other tools well-suited to disaster-related technology
  • how to ensure your app functions in a disaster setting
  • using the Watson APIs
  • using third-party services in Bluemix

Here's the link to the recording, along with a few other helpful resources. 

Bluemixathon office hours broadcast w/ Kyle Brown 10/28

IBM Bluemix Garage Method

Applying Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs to disaster relief tech design

Bluemix Natural Disaster Hackathon SlideShare


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