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about 6 years ago

Pro tips & curated tools from the Bluemix engineering team

We had a chat with the engineering team at Bluemix, and they shared their picks for the Bluemix services they think are especially relevant to designing and building disaster aid apps. Here they are:

Bluemix tools for building disaster aid apps

The Bluemix team also outlined some quick ways to start getting huge upside from the Bluemix suite of tools:

General tips

  • Boilerplates: Using boilerplates from the Bluemix catalog is a great way to kickstart your app development. The code in these boilerplates has been pre-tested to run in Bluemix. You can use them as your base and then modify them to suit your project.
  • DevOps testing: You may want to continuously test your project in the Bluemix environment. Bluemix has the DevOps service to do just that. Find out more at
  • Issues/more help: If you come across on any issues while using Bluemix, feel free to tap into our experts -- they’re ready to help at StackOverflow and dW Answers. Just tag your questions with “Bluemixathon.”


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